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Attack of the Mutant Fishcrows - Alpha Demo v0.1

A Fast Paced Survival Adventure Platformer. The game is set in a dark & colourful world where the land has become hostile and dangerous! Chaos spreads and the Mutant Fishcrow grow in greater numbers with each passing day. You must stop this before it's too late!


Keyboard use WASD keys to navigate menus, no mouse other than feedback form.

The game will be available on Windows/Linux/Mac, Steam and hopefully some console platforms. Currently the game is in early development, so expect bugs and unfinished features. You may want to keep in mind the alpha demo isn't reflective of what the game will be or currently is in development.

Alpha Demo Notes

  • MAC & Linx build unavailable right now. (working on it)
  • Screen Resolution options unavailable, game detects current and sets it. (working on it)
  • Input Options unavailable. (working on it)
  • Respawn feature not present in this build. (working on it)
  • Wiseman tutorial doesn't cover equipping or using weapons. Go into your inventory and assign it to your weapon button. There's only a frying pan available right now. (working on it)
  • Player Stamina is unbalanced. (working on it)
  • Player combat is unbalanced and unfinished. (working on it)
  • Enemy count/difficulty is unbalanced. (working on it)
  • Enemy ambush quick time event unfinished. (working on it)
  • Player run eat animation is unfinished, may appear odd. (working on it)
  • Character names can be empty, is unfinished. (working on it)
  • Door entry to another is unfinished, implement stair cliimbing sfx. (working on it)
  • Door entry to another is unfinished, implement wait time then camera pan to player. (working on it)
  • NPC Dialogue is unfinished, possible it will work differently in future. (working on it)
  • No save or load function. Feedback form will be present upon starting up demo everytime, unfinished. (working on it)
  • Story isn't present, no indication really to the player what is happening or what they should do. (working on it)
  • A lot is unfinished and unbalanced at this point. Please keep that in mind.

Known Bugs

  1. Enemy may fall through platform upon player attack.
  2. Player can infinitely double jump upon contact with interior ceilings.
  3. Player may fall through slope platform when spamming dodge button.
  4. Player unable to jump from water when stamina is depleted.
  5. Player wall sliding down fall pit may face the wrong way sometimes.
  6. Player wall sliding can offset head too much from body.
  7. Enemy ambush quick time event may pan the camera incorrectly, based on player position upon event.
  8. Player dodge animation may continue for player head, upon jumping mid dodge.
  9. Player sick animation/logic doesn't execute correctly when dodge left & right buttons are spammed.
  10. Player death animation isn't complete, head may appear offset from player slightly.
  11. Player inventory items may appear dull/darker as they sometimes appear on a lower layer that the holding item box.
  12. Holding sprint button whilst jumping will NOT increase speed/distance covered when it should.
  13. On the main menu screen, clicking anywhere with the mouse locks the controls for keyboard, and thus locking the game forcing to quit.
  14. In game play, spamming the inventory button will initiate inventory camera pan for every button hit.
  15. Walking towards closed doors will sometimes trigger push back effect to early (making opening doors possibly an annoyance).
  16. Keyboard users, The numpad doesn't work when the num-lock is on. Additionally raises issues for keyboards without the numpad.

I'm sure there are many more bugs and would appreciate all feedback given from this build. This demo focuses more so on performance, however ideas,comments,concerns,constructive feedback are all very much welcome!

You can follow me on twitter for updates, see below.
or get in touch at,



Thanks for playing.

More information

Published167 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags16-bit, 2D, Colorful, Controller, Difficult, Experimental, fishcrows, Pixel Art, Survival, weird
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers, Gamepad (any)
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

  • Keyboard Supported.
  • PS4 Controller Supported
  • XBOX 360 Controller Supported
  • Resolution: 1080p, 16:9 (1920×1080) recommended.


aotmfc_alphademo_64bit_setup.exe (68 MB)
aotmfc_alphademo_32bit_setup.exe (68 MB)

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