There have been some changes since the last demo build. Some of these are as follows

  • The option to choose an owl companion.
  • Owl companion dialogue for dropping hints&tips.
  • The Chomper fishcrow, eats player in one bite.
  • Poison effect, player can now be poisoned. This can be from poisoned waters, to poison enemy types.
  • Point system for attacking enemies. You can also lose points.
  • Player hit will sometimes knock player back swiftly, instead of usual knock back and get back up routine. Allowing to get back into the game faster.
  • New art assets in craven village.
  • New music assets for some levels.
  • NPC dialogues and interactions exist on levels now.

Feel free to visit my soundcloud page to listen to new content.

This is another free public demo. Contains short Story
Introduction, Wiseman Home, Craven Village, Random Home(s),Campsite, and
Mountain Pass levels.

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Note: feedback can be emailed to
Sending me thoughtful feedback helps me build a better game. Email me
your thoughts or bug lists and you might gain access to demo builds
containing more!

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Dec 08, 2017

Get Attack of the Mutant Fishcrows

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