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The game is set in a dark & colourful world where the land has become hostile and dangerous! Chaos spreads and with each passing day the mutant fishcrow grow stronger. 

In this retro platformer, you create your character and fight your way through a chaotic world under attack. Run,jump,dodge,climb,swing and swim your way through each area of the world. Every day that passes is another day the mutant fishcrow grow in their numbers.

Cover Art- Jason Piperberg

Remember, Xbox360, XboxOne, PS2/3/4 Controllers are best used with the demo. Keyboard & mouse support is incomplete but usable.

The demo might be a little rough around the edges, a bug here and there. Mostly good to go though, enjoy! Oh and follow for development updates https://twitter.com/wildlogicgames

Install instructions

  • Key Mapping (most controllers) Supported.
  • Resolution: 1080p, 16:9 (1920×1080) recommended.


Win_Demo_x86_Build.zip 119 MB

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