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Attack of the Mutant Fishcrows - Alpha Demo v0.3 Unavailable

The game is set in a dark & colourful world where the land has become hostile and dangerous. Chaos spreads and with each passing day the mutant fishcrow grow stronger.

In this retro platformer, you create your character and fight your way through a chaotic world under attack.

Run,jump,dodge,climb,swing and swim your way through each area of the world. Every day that passes is another day the mutant fishcrow grow in their numbers. Help the people of this world, end the terror.

Alpha V0.392 Demo Notes

The demo contains one level.

The UI & input has been tested and confirmed to work with an Xbox360 Controller. They should also work for PS2,PS3,PS4 & XboxOne controller.

Input should work for most controllers, however anything that differs from the above mentioned, it's likely the UI will not respond & display as appropriate.

There's a cross bow on the first level, if you pick this up, do not equip it as it hasn't been fully implemented. If you equip it, camera may lose focus. Simply equip another weapon to fix.

Stamina empty event will detach player head if any other head than default has been chosen during the create character screen.

Dawn to Day sky colour transitions could "snap" as opposed to a smooth transition.

This demo is a work in progress and isn't representative of the final build or current project state. You may find bugs. Please report your findings to the below email address, thank you.

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